Want To Bless Others?


If you are looking for ways that you can bless others in our community you have come to the right place.  There are many different ways to give blessings, feel free choose the blessing opportunity that fits your spiritual gift and talents.

Check back here often as needs change continuously.


Do You Need Help?:

*If you, or any of your neighbors need assistance, grocery shopping etc., please call the church office at 830-980-7745.  


*South Texas Blood and Tissue are in need of donations.  As you might imagine, blood supply can diminish during times of threats and trials.  If you would like to donate blood please click here to see donation locations.


Can You Help?:

* If you are in a position to and would like to help assist those who need to stay home, please call the church office at 830-980-7745 to let us know.

Looking for a way to bless others?

Email hannah@bulverdeumc to find out all the ways you can get involved.


Provisions Outreach

Our Mission:
To assist individuals and families who are struggling to meet the basic 
needs of day-to-day living, and to improve their quality of life.
Our Purpose: To serve neighbors who are lacking life’s immediate necessities,
and to provide assistance and guidance toward a better life.
Our Vision: To do much more than help people live day-to-day; to provide families
and individuals with the tools and resources necessary to empower them to move
toward more productive and responsible living.
Website:  http://provisionsoutreach.org/ |  Call Provisions at (830) 438-7899, or e-mail bfpi@gvtc.com

Team World Vision


Global 6K For Water:

6 kilometers is the average distance people in the developing world walk for water — water that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases.  Thousands of people around the globe will walk or run 6K to bring life-changing clean water to communities in need. Each participant’s registration fee provides clean water for one person, so when you walk or run the Global 6K, every step you take is one they won’t have to!