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May 22, 2020


BUMC COVID-19 Awareness Poster

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March 31, 2020


April 2, 2020 

We have added a Staying Connected During COVID-19 page

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March 24, 2020 

An Important Message From Pastor Ralph


March 20, 2020

Due to COVID 19, BUMC’s response and planning must be responsible, well thought out,  and most importantly, prayerful.  Until further notice, we will not be gathering together in our buildings for church services, Sunday school and other classes, small groups, meetings or ministries.  However, we have a wonderful option for your weekend worship right from your home.  You can even wear your pajamas to this one!  By 7:00 pm on Saturday evening, it is our plan to have a video on our website with a full worship service available for you and your family.  At your convenience, use the drop down tab titled “Worship Services”, and then click on Sunday’s date, which will take you directly to the service where you can enjoy hearing words from our Pastors and other staff members.  (We will also provide a link on our Facebook page once the service is on the website.)  On that website page, you will also see links to register your attendance, submit a prayer request, or make a contribution.  Our desire is to stay connected with our church family in the best way we can, with the best means we have.  Won’t you join us?

March 19, 2020


A Message From Senior Pastor Ralph Mann: 



March 18, 2020

Dear Church Family,

These are trying times for us as a nation and as a world as we address the concerns and fears of COVID 19. I want to remind you of 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who belong to me will humbly pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”  1 John 4:18 States: “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear.” My friends, I want us to be health cautious during these times, but let us not be fearful and panic.

Some of your leaders gathered to discuss the life of the congregation on Friday morning (3/13/20), and have made the following adjustments at BUMC that you need to be aware of:

  1. We have deep cleaned all facilities, and our hand sanitizer and soap dispenser are full.
  2. Worship will continue, but in a modified way (Hebrews 10:25)
    1. We will modify the way we pass the peace
    2. 8:15 will participate in Holy Communion using individual cups
    3. Offering plates/baskets will be set up as a kiosks to avoid passing them
  3. We have postponed Stand Tall
  4. We are suspending Community Café
  5. Small groups will continue, but check with each leader (These may occur by Zoom)
  6. We are postponing Date Night
  7. We will make a determination about the Spring Celebration toward the end of March

We have cancelled the spring celebration.

Please treat this like any flu season – wash your hands, don’t cough or sneeze into your hands. So far our area has escaped confirmed cases; let’s try to keep it that way. If you are sick, please stay home. If you have concerns, feel free to worship online. If you, due to the market volatility, have financial concerns, breathe – we don’t have to be in fear.

The issues surrounding COVID 19 and the response is changing daily, we are constantly monitoring the situation and are deeply in prayer. Please practice safe hygiene and be in prayer.

God bless,

Rev. Dr. Ralph D. Mann, Senior Pastor

John Genovese, Church Council Chair

March 17, 2020


Dear Friends, as of Tuesday, March 17, we have suspended all church activity. Please, practice great hygiene, self-isolate, don’t get sick, this is serious. Don’t be in fear, but faith. We will have a worship service on-line that you may watch. Keep us informed, we are still the church.

Pastor Ralph, other pastors and staff.

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We believe in the power of prayer and want to pray for those in need. Our pastors are available and honored to pray with you and your family during hospitalizations, before surgery and during times of crisis.


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