Picture Lent, Towel, John 13:1-5

When the author of tomorrow’s Lenten devotional sits across from your office, you use him in your picture! Of all words he could have received, Ruben wrote beautifully about a towel. Not just any towel though…this Scripture is about the towel that Jesus used to wipe the disciples feet. It was a beautiful example of servanthood! In the Catholic Church, the 6th Station of the Cross is “Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.” As she did, his image was left behind on the towel. It’s not in the Bible, but it’s always been my favorite story. He’s no Veronica, but Ruben has one giant servant heart and I’m grateful for him and his sweet family! @rubenchristina_saenz #picturelent #towel

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  1. Steve Boone says:

    My initial thought when I first looked over the list of words for Lent was to use my guest towels for my picture. My thought was that if Mary used her best perfume to anoint Jesus’s feet, and her hair to dry them (John 12:3) that I would also use the best I have for my guest. I don’t have perfume, but I do have really nice guest towels (pictured on the left).

    When Barbara mentioned that Ruben was writing the devotional for the word towel, I knew that even though she would use his picture, that I could not leave the “God Loving Gentle Giant” out of my picture. So Ruben might be used several times!!!!

    Sunday morning at between early service and “This Thing Called Life” I was able to get the picture on the right. Technically Ruben’s not holding a towel, but it’s the best we could do on short notice. And the reality is it doesn’t matter if it’s your best towels, a well-used everyday towel, a t-shirt, or hair; it that act of humble, selfless love that is important.

  2. Patti Cutler says:

    When I read about the towel, I thought about the sculpture in Kerrville of Jesus washing Simon Peter’s feet. I already used that photo for the word “Follow” in this study. However, I couldn’t remember if there was a towel in the sculpture. I immediately looked at the picture again and sure enough it was there. So I am using the same picture again, but I have cropped it to show the towel. I’m going to make sure that I look more closely at the towel the next time I go to Kerrville and remember Ruben’s words:
    ” A towel, used to wash dirty feet, the feet of those who were maybe undeserving, yet in the eyes of Christ they were worth more, including paying the ultimate price for them.”
    We were worth more!

  3. Joleen Wiens says:

    This is my favorite TOWEL that hangs from an old grater by our kitchen sink! My sister gave this to me on my 65th birthday! I think she was getting tired of me telling her that I would be cremated before going to my heavenly home with our Lord. Pretty sure I probably said I’d have a rocky body, too! Silly things we do an say but love it!

  4. Lynda Zenner says:

    Picture Lent, Towel, John 13:1-5
    I agree with the message on this towel. Having food to eat is a universal need and so is being loved and interacting with others. I guess that’s why guests always seem to congregate in and around the kitchen! I thoroughly enjoy preparing a big holiday spread for the family, dying Easter eggs or making cookies with the grandkids, and preparing food to serve friends. I think it’s safe to say that while I’m certainly not a gourmet cook, everything that happens in my kitchen gets seasoned with lots of love! To follow the example of Jesus, to love and to serve — that’s what a good heart’s all about, so no wonder we say our kitchen is the heart of our home.

  5. Susan James says:

    Day 42 #picturelent #towel #MaundyThursday. John 13:1-5

  6. Christy Wagenfuhr says:

    Foot washing is such a moving service for me. The first time was with just women, but later we did it at a staff retreat. We have even done with middle school youth and used mud to dirty up the feet first. They took turns washing each others feet and it was so moving and special at the attention and time they took…even as youth.

  7. Peggy Potts says:

    When I think of how Jesus must have felt washing the feet of the disciples, I remember how I felt giving my infant daughter a bath. Washing her so gently, wrapping her in a towel, and in my love.

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