Picture Lent, Teacher, John 13:12-17

Yes, my grandson is a wonderful teacher. He’s taught me all about trucks and how to feed Vincent the Venus flytrap. But even bigger than that, he’s taught me patience, how to play and play and play, how to relish the moment, how to tell stories, and how to be in wonder of everything. My prayer is that we never belittle the little ones. They have much to teach us. #picturelent #teacher

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  1. Joleen Wiens says:

    TEACHER…..Ms JoAnn is the teacher for the 5 year old class at Kiddie Koop Enrichment Center (right next door to BUMC) for over 30 years. She teaches from her heart with love for all children. I have seen her dress up as many characters from the books she reads, plant a garden, pray before their lunchtime, jump rope, learn to read/write/do numbers and many more activities!! Her students leave her class prepared for Kindergarten. She is such a blessing to everyone! #picturelent #teacher

  2. Christy Wagenfuhr says:

    Tim Ryan was such a gentle soul and a wonderful teacher. He was a calming presence wherever he went and had a deep love for Christ. Miss him so very much.

  3. Susan James says:

    Day 44 #picturelent #teacher #Daddy

  4. Peggy Potts says:

    For the last several years, the Pastors, staff, and members of this congregation have been my most important and beloved teachers. Thank you all for helping me on my journey.

    (And thank you Pastor Barbara for the photo I stole–I mean borrowed–from your Facebook page)

  5. Steve Boone says:

    Teacher: a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values.

    There are many teachers in our lives. One of my favorite current teachers leads this class!!

    Side note: Barbara, I was unable to use the action photo of you from Wednesday evening. There was a young mother and child in the background, and not knowing them, I didn’t want to post it. Hope you’ll understand that I used your photo from the webpage.

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