Picture Lent, Spice, John 19:39-42.

Something interesting about posting these a day early for my class. Especially this one. Something bittersweet about preparing for Good Friday worship, the day that Jesus died and yet posting for Holy Saturday, the day that the women wrapped his body in spices and linens for his burial. A poem from Story by Steven James that captures the sorrow of burial…before the Resurrection:
How do you care for a dead God?
How do you bury the Almighty’s corpse?
What spices will ever be enough to honor a fallen deity and to quiet the decay of eternity in his heart?
How do you care for the dead when the fallen one is the author of life?
No incantation seems strong enough anymore. #picturelent #spice

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  1. Joleen Wiens says:

    Do we hid our faith? After reading the devotional for today got me to thinking. Sometimes we don’t even realize what is happening. We have been going to Jim’s restaurant here in San Antonio for over 10 years now, for breakfast. I was thinking it has become our “SPICE of Life” place. For you see we have met so many people there, some that we may only meet for just an hour and some that we see each and every day. Its God’s way of showing us how easy it is to love others by our actions. So spread the Spice of Life to others.

  2. Christy Wagenfuhr says:

    Don’t have a picture for today. The Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services were both a “spice” I needed to this Lenten season! Both helped me refocus on the reason for the season Easter! My random thought during silence in Good Friday’s service….What must it have been like for Jesus’ mother Mary when she died and was reunited and greeted by her precious son Jesus!!!! What a glorious reunion!!
    It will be for us also!! ??

  3. Patti Cutler says:

    The old saying says “Variety is the spice of life.” I say “love” is the spice of life. What kind of a horrible, bland life it would be without love. We receive so much love from God, we just need to keep passing it on!!

  4. Steve Boone says:

    When I think of spice I think of food, not burials. We all know that the secret ingredient in good cooking is love, just as the “not so secret ingredient” in our lives is God’s Love. I use a multitude of spices, depending on the recipe, and all of the spices create their own unique and delicious flavors. Some of the spices are subtle (and expensive), like Saffron. Some are very powerful with just a small amount, like dry mustard (that little mustard seed again). And some can be subtle or powerful depending on how used. Like my favorite – Hatch green chili. I use it in just about everything, sometimes for its unique flavor, sometimes for its unique heat. Last fall, Lisa and I went to the Hatch Chili Festival in Hatch, New Mexico, and I brought home a new ristra (the string of dried mature green [red when mature] chilis) and a 50 lb. gunny sack full of freshly harvested Hatch green chilis. I spent the next week blistering, peeling, canning and preserving the fresh green chilis in many forms from plain chilis to salsa verde and chili verde so that I could enjoy them in recipes calling for a large loud spice. I use the dried ristra peppers when a recipe calls for that little extra subtle something.

    God is like that, sometimes strong and powerful like a full strong green chili or like dried mustard – you know He’s present. Sometimes He’s quiet and subtle, barely there and barely noticeable like a small pinch of saffron in rice or a small pinch of dried chili in a large pot of greens – though subtle, you still know He’s present.

  5. Susan James says:

    Day 47 #picturelent #spice
    Nicodemus, who had at first come to Jesus by night, also came,bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes, weighing about a hundred pounds.

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