Picture Lent, Prepare, Mark 14:12-14

This afternoon I walked to downtown NB so that I could take some quiet time and prepare my heart with those at the March for Our Lives. Along the way I prayed for students at our neighborhood school, at the baseball field and at Landa Park. And I loved the energy at the March especially those of the students. People say, especially in churches, that youth are our future. But I think they are are present. They are our now. And they need to be heard. Today, I marched for my 3 year old grandson. Things need to change for his sake and all his little buddies at school. If you want to talk about this, just let me know! #picturelent #prepare #marchforourlives2018 #enoughisenough

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  1. Lynda Zenner says:

    Picture Lent, Prepare, Mark 14:12-14

    This scripture tells how the disciples sought to ready the Passover meal and when I saw today’s word was “prepare,” I immediately thought of the Boy Scout motto “BE PREPARED which means you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty.” I suggest we all need to “be prepared” — not just physically and mentally, but also emotionally and spiritually. They say that proper planning calls on us to plan with a specific end in mind. If you’re writing a story, you design the plot to advance the story toward a particular ending. Along those same lines, life’s sort of like taking a trip or writing your own story; if you don’t know where you want to end up, you probably won’t get there! So, hopefully the way we’re living will “prepare” us for the destination we’ve chosen.

  2. Joleen Wiens says:

    PREPARE……..the top picture is a field in Kansas that was being PREPARED for the crop for this season, corn. The farmers work many hours getting ready to plant. The second picture is the corn crop come summertime. Feeding the people of this world. #picturelent #prepare

  3. Steve Boone says:

    This is a picture of Rachel and her friend Cheyenne as they prepare for a week long outing to Big Bend so that Rachel can take pictures for one of her clients. Throughout college she worked at Tech’s OPC, planning, preparing, leading, and photographing backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, and other high adventure trips for students; as well as trips for disadvantaged children (working through an Austin charity). In May she will leave for Durango for her first real “adult” job, planning, preparing, leading, and photographing trips outback trips for a Durango based youth camp. Every time I watch her prepare for an outing, whether it is for a large group or just her and a friend, I am amazed at the meticulous and thoughtful way she prepares. Though not all trips go perfectly, it is through her preparation that she is ready for the inevitable “oops” on the trip.

  4. Patti Cutler says:

    I do most of the teaching for our Tuesday Morning Study Group. I never intended to be a teacher and preparing the lessons each week is something that I struggle with. Even though I have a book, a study guide and a video, it is still a chore for me. However, I have found that when I am struggling to prepare the lesson the most, if I just take a minute to pause and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me, soon afterwards, the lesson just starts falling into place. It never ceases to amaze me!

  5. Susan James says:

    Day 41 #picturelent #prepare Mark 14:12-16
    First picture – I googled and found online.
    2nd picture – My brother’s dog Zoey

  6. Susan James says:

    2nd picture

  7. Christy Wagenfuhr says:

    I “Prepare” weekly to teach 4th & 5th grade Sunday School. I feel like I have learned more from them than I will ever teach! These are just 3 of our group on an outing. My main motivation to teach this grade levels were because my grandson, Collin!

  8. Peggy Potts says:

    We spend so much time and energy preparing our children to be adults. We want them to be able to fly away from the nest with confidence, providing them tools to handle the challenges that will come their way.

    I am so grateful and humbled that Jesus has prepared the way for each of us.

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